Courtney Mason Hilley is a 25 year old multi-entrepreneur from Mobile, AL. She is the Co-Founder and Senior Editor of Bellum, an independent magazine focused on "redefining life in the south" (Previously Ant Farm Journal), and owns with her husband Chaleur Method Brew + Espresso, a third wave coffee shop in Midtown Mobile. 

Side hustles:

Eleanor:  ReleasedThe Canyon in September of 2014, and are currently working on a sophomore album.

Freelance Illustration: In and outside of collaboration with her husband, designer and photographer Christian Hilley. Examples available on this site.

Sunroom Barbershop: Her in-home barbershop, where she practices fades in addition to her apprenticship to become a Master Barber.

Fashion Design: Some styles shown on this site, but a debut coming soon. 

Long term, she has a dream of creating a discipleship program for young men struggling with sexual addictions, attacking human trafficking at its core.